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Our bodies are wonderfully amazing systems that contain interrelated parts. The mouth has various intricacies that affect the rest of the body, both favorably and negatively. One condition that is frequently undiagnosed, but can be treated by skilled dentists is TMJ disorder. This disorder of the temporomandibular joints at the back of the jaw begins with a stressor that leads to dysfunction. When physically impaired, the TMJs may be treated by various modalities. However, not all are guaranteed to produce the desired effect.

Dr. Ingber has an extensive background in treating neuromuscular facial disorders, including TMJ disorder. Many individuals have regained comfort and function through treatment designed at Metropolitan Dental Center in Waterford. Our approach to TMJ disorder is more extensive than simple diagnosis and splint treatment. Our doctors understand the intricacy of the entire oral structure, and how the TMJs fit into the overall function of the head and neck. With this understanding, we use advanced diagnostic tools to evaluate the joints as well as the bite, and the ligaments and muscles that work in conjunction with the jaw.

TMJ disorder does not only affect the jaw. Other structures that may be impacted include:
  • The nerves, ligaments, muscles, and blood vessels in the jaw and face
  • Teeth
  • Cartilage around the jaw and the ears
  • Muscles in the neck, head, and shoulders
When looking at the structures that are impacted by stress triggers, it is easy to see why TMJ disorder requires in-depth evaluation and treatment. There are several possible causes of this condition, and not all of them can be addressed with a single, general form of treatment. Using proven diagnostic testing, we are able to determine the cause of dysfunction, and therefore the best form of treatment.

At Metropolitan Dental Center, we believe in finding the most suitable treatment for each individual patient. While oral splints may relieve some stress on the joints, they may not eliminate the cause of that stress. Some of our patients have responded to orthodontic treatment, while others find that their TMJ condition stems from existing dental work that just needs a bit of modification.

The discomfort of TMJ disorder does not have to affect your life. Contact Metropolitan Dental Center for effective treatment.

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