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Cosmetic dentistry allows Dr. Ingber and the staff at Metropolitan Dental Center to provide amazing smile transformation for patients of all ages.

Restore your smile in a reputable dental implant center in Oakland County

For most of the history of dentistry, patients have had solutions for tooth loss. At this time, dental implants are viewed as an optimal form of treatment, and many of the patients of Metropolitan Dental Center have restored excellent function with one or more implants. In our dental implant center in Oakland County, patients receive a high standard of care from a team that sees the limitations of many conventional treatments, such as traditional dentures, and seeks to improve the patient experience. We do more than replace missing teeth. We design treatment around the individual so that long term function, comfort, and beauty is achieved. Something dental implants facilitate nicely.

With the development of dental implant technology has come an improved success rate in the replacement of missing teeth. More than a tooth replacement, a dental implant is designed to take the place of the missing root. These tiny cylinders are placed into healthy jawbone by a skilled dentist who has completed rigorous training. In the months that follow the implant procedure, bone grows around implants to create a firm foundation that replicates the natural oral structure. Clearly, insertion of implants occurs in an oral surgical procedure, and surgery elicits negative images for some.

Dental implant surgery is, in fact, quite different from surgical procedures that might be performed in a hospital. This procedure is completed in our office by a highly experienced dental implant specialist who has successfully completed thousands of procedures. The overall process includes only a few steps:
  • The periodontist identifies the exact positioning for implants using advanced imaging.
  • The treatment area is completely numbed with local anesthetic.
  • The periodontist makes tiny incisions and situates implants in the jaw bone.
  • Implants are covered with gum tissue, which remains throughout the healing process. If a front tooth has been replaced with a dental implant, a temporary crown may be placed to ensure an attractive aesthetic.
Dental implant treatment is neither complicated nor painful. To restore your beautiful, functional smile, contact us at (248) 365-7737.