Lapeer MI area dental team discusses how a root canal procedure can save a tooth

No filling may be large enough and no crown may be sufficient to address all cases of trauma, decay, cracking, and chipping properly. This is where the Metropolitan Dental Center’s specialists can step in with a root canal procedure to save your natural tooth.

A root canal may be needed in your case if:
  • The soft tissue or pulp in the center of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected
  • Inflammation and infection may be a consequence of deep decay, repeated procedures on the same tooth, and structural issues serious enough to warrant such therapy
If MDC professionals find you need a root canal, we’ll start by removing the inflamed or infected core. From there, the canal or channel inside of the root is cleaned and reshaped. Lastly, the canal is filled. The space is sealed before a crown may be placed.

A temporary crown is typically placed while the permanent one is fabricated. This temporary restoration helps to protect the treated area. As its name suggests, it is more fragile than the tooth to be permanently cemented. Take care not to consume hard or chewy objects.

Root canals help patients avoid extractions, which can lead to a whole host of additional problems including the loss of bone structure affecting appearance, speech and chewing.

While the American Association of Endodontists reports root canals are successful in at least 95 percent of cases, your tooth may not be a good candidate for this procedure in the first place. Our specialists will assess your teeth prior to such therapy. Other treatment may be recommended if:
  • The canals aren’t accessible
  • The root is severely fractured
  • The tooth can’t be restored
For many decades, pulling the tooth may have been the only option for you. Teeth that couldn’t be restored a few years ago can now be saved thanks to scientific and technological advances. You won’t know if a root canal is the best option until a visit with the Metropolitan Dental Center team is scheduled. At an appointment to examine your teeth and discuss the root canal procedure near Lapeer MI, we may find that a filling or crown alone will restore function and ease pain. We may also recommend a dental implant or bridge if the odds of root canal therapy failure are high. Call (248) 365-7737.

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