Root canal therapy gets to the source of pain in a simple procedure near Clarkston MI

Dentists provide a variety of restorative services to patients of all ages. Of the many procedures, root canal therapy is probably the most feared. The major reason for the fear of this procedure is that this restorative treatment is largely misunderstood. Most people have heard at least a few “horror stories” about root canal therapy. These stories, which may have originated decades ago, before modern dentistry improved the comfort and effectiveness of this procedure, continue to perpetuate the misinformation that surrounds root canals.

The truth is a root canal is designed to address the pain that comes from infection within a tooth. In our office near Clarkston, MI, we find it important to explain the reality of infection and root canal therapy so that our patients can feel more comfortable about this procedure. When a tooth is treated for deep infection, we use advanced techniques, anesthetics, and tools that facilitate a pain-free procedure.

Tooth structure explained

Although from the surface, a tooth looks like a solid piece, actually several parts make up an entire tooth. These include:
  • Enamel is the substance that we immediately see. This outer protective layer of material shields the inner areas of teeth from acid and absorbs the brunt of chewing force. Enamel is the hardest substance in the body.
  • Dentin sits just under the enamel, and makes up the majority of tooth structure. There are tiny pores within dentin, which is why healthy, strong enamel is so important to protect the dentin and prevent tooth pain.
  • The pulp chamber is the inner portion of the tooth. This chamber is where pulp tissue is found, along with nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissues that deliver nutrients to all parts of the tooth.
  • The root canal spans from the jawbone to the pulp chamber. It is through the root canal that blood flows to and from the tooth.
  • Supportive structures include gum tissue, the periodontal ligament, which lies beneath the gums, and the jawbone. These structures support stability for chewing and protect the root from damage.
Root canal therapy is performed when the innermost part of a tooth has become infected. Often, this infection is not detected until a persistent toothache has developed, which could be one reason why this treatment is thought of as painful. In reality, root canal therapy will eliminate the pain of infection, and promote a healthier smile.

Your dentist at Metropolitan Dental Centers has extensive experience performing root canal treatment, and provides excellent care to prevent damage within the pulp chamber of teeth. Contact our office today for your dental check-up.

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