Rethink your perception of root canal treatment with a painless approach in Waterford

There is perhaps no more misunderstood dental treatment than the root canal or, more accurately, the therapy designed to clean out and reshape the root canal, which restores the tooth to health and proper function.

Root canal treatment gets a bad rap because it is incorrectly thought to be painful. There are more than a couple of reasons for this.

Nature of treatment

It's important to differentiate between pain caused by the condition that needs to be treated and pain caused by a procedure. It is human nature to put off dental treatment until a toothache becomes so severe that it can no longer be avoided.

You may experience a shooting pain after you bite down or when your teeth are exposed to a hot or cold drink or food. The pain may also be unrelenting, regardless of what you eat or how you eat.

The sources that can cause these painful symptoms include:
  • Deep decay
  • Trauma
  • A pus-filled infection or abscess
  • A loose filling or crack
  • Damage to the inside of the tooth or pulp
You'll notice there is no mention of root canal therapy as a source of pain. That's because this therapy is designed to relieve your pain.

Another reason this treatment has such a reputation is due to patients associating it with the treatments of yesteryear. Thanks to modern medical knowledge, technologies, and anesthetics today's treatments are no more painful than a filling.

You may also be hearing the term "gentle dentistry" quite a bit nowadays. It's a phrase designed to convey a focus on patient comfort and creating an optimal patient experience. When patients are happy with their experience, they are more likely to make or keep the regular checkups and cleanings necessary to maintain good oral health.

For Metropolitan Dental Center, there is no other way to practice dentistry than "gently." Technologies and techniques have evolved to be less invasive and result in minimal trauma to the site, which means fewer risks, complications, and unwanted side effects from treatments. Furthermore, convenience plays a big factor in how the dental visit is perceived. Many automated technologies onsite via Metro Imaging Center allow Dr. Ingber and his staff to meet all your dental needs efficiently.

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