Tooth veneers from your dentist near Lapeer give you options for smile enhancement

Having a healthy smile that is free of cavities, gum disease, and other problems is wonderful. A smile can still be spoiled, however, by misalignment, gaps, chips, permanent stains, and other flaws. The team at Metropolitan Dental Center offer a variety of smile enhancing treatments, but porcelain veneers seem to top the list when it comes to versatility

Your new smile is just two visits away

When you want your new smile right away, there is nothing as effective as porcelain tooth veneers from your dentist near Lapeer. Once a thorough consultation has been conducted and any existing dental problems resolved, only two visits are needed for a complete smile transformation. The first visit is reserved for tooth preparation and the design of veneers. During the second visit, veneers are positioned and bonded to teeth.

Using durable, beautiful porcelain material, your dentist crafts veneers that provide gorgeous, long-lasting results. Our team has used their extensive skill and artistry to create stunning smiles throughout our area. Veneers are incredibly thin, but very strong sheaths of porcelain capable of perfecting the size, color, angle, spacing, and shape of a tooth or teeth.

Important notes about veneers include:
  • Just like natural enamel, veneers can be cracked or chipped by habits like biting fingernails, chewing on ice or hard objects, or tearing open packages with teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers are a permanent treatment that cannot be reversed due to the removal of a small amount of enamel.
  • Hygiene remains vitally important to oral health and the longevity of veneers.
  • Tooth grinding or clenching can damage veneers. Your dentist may recommend a night guard.
  • Because veneers are solely cosmetic in nature, this treatment is not likely to be covered by insurance.

Smile enhancement designed around you

Porcelain veneers are wonderful for many people and for many reasons. That does not mean this type of treatment is right for every need. Metropolitan Dental Center offers a variety of treatments to improve the look of the smile. Misalignment can be corrected with neuromuscular orthodontics, Invisalign, or even Snap-on Smile treatment. Discoloration may respond quite nicely to teeth whitening. What you can count on is that our team will provide an extremely high level of care to help you achieve your dental goals.

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