Porcelain Veneers

Patients who are unhappy with the color, shape, or size of their teeth may benefit from veneers. Veneers are created from materials such as porcelain in order to maintain a natural, beautiful appearance. They are fabricated through a professional laboratory to be made extremely thin in order to be placed over the top of a patient's natural tooth or teeth.

Looking much like fake fingernails, they are placed over existing teeth. This is done after Dr. Ingber of Metropolitan Dental Center removes a slight amount of the tooth's surface enamel in order to create a good bonding surface. The shape and size of the veneers are predetermined by a diagnostic wax up so that patients can see what their new teeth will look like. Digitization of their smile can also be done on Dr. Ingber's computers so that patients can enjoy visualizing their new teeth and how they match with their face. A professional laboratory fabricates these veneers which are then bonded over the existing tooth structures.

Porcelain veneers are completely functional and are a long-lasting restoration. Patients who may benefit from porcelain veneers are those who have:
  • Discolored teeth that do not respond to teeth whitening treatments.
  • Hairline fractures.
  • Chips and cracks.
  • Large fillings.
While veneers can be used to address crooked teeth, Dr. Ingber will suggest them as a last resort as other alternative methods of improving a smile are available through Metropolitan Dental Center. Dr. Ingber believes in conservative methods, and will not put anything in a patient's mouth that he doesn't believe is the best way to address. By using other methods such as orthodontics, patients can enjoy long-term, beautiful results without permanently removing tooth structure. Dr. Ingber offers a variety of options when it comes to orthodontic procedures in order to address crooked teeth, and will typically steer patients in the right direction when it comes to restorations and orthodontic work.

Porcelain veneers can work great for patients who have problem teeth that may need a long-term disguise. They are versatile restorations that allow Dr. Ingber to rejuvenate tired, broken, or unattractive smiles. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of porcelain veneers, as well as other alternatives, call Metropolitan Dental Center today and schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Ingber and his staff!

About our Doctors

Metropolitan Dental Center is committed to helping patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. Our dedicated team comprises of Dr Jeffrey Ingber, DDS, FICCMO; Dr Jason Ingber, DDS; Dr Harris Gurfinkel, DDS; Dr. Steele, DDS, MS; Dr Michael R. Hardy, DDS, MS; Dr Martin Fraschetti, DDS, MICCMO; Dr Gary Wolford, DDS, MICCMO. Having unique academic background, experience, and areas of special interest, they all are very dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care.

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