Rochester specialist helps patients ease symptoms of gum disease to avoid destructive complications

Not every dental practice in the Rochester area can say it has a periodontist on staff to best diagnose and treat gum disease. Metropolitan Dental Center's Dr. Steele also specializes in the prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis. However, you might have arrived at this article because of symptoms that are cause for concern. Of course, Dr. Steele and the other doctors at MDC will need to examine your mouth to see if gum disease is responsible for your symptoms.

Gum disease is a progressive condition. There are some symptoms commonly associated with gingivitis, the mildest and most common form of periodontal disease.

At this stage, you may experience:
  • Swollen or soft, puffy gums
  • Gumline appears to have darkened to a deeper red or pink
  • Redness or pinkness on the toothbrush or floss when cleaning
  • Halitosis
One of the biggest issues with gingivitis is that often you won't feel or see anything out of the norm at this early stage of disease. When you don't think there is anything to be addressed or treated, the progression of the disease continues unabated. Eventually, you may develop periodontitis, the advanced gum disease that eats away at delicate tissues and destroys bone. It is a common cause of tooth loss. You may have periodontitis if:
  • Gums are tender when touched
  • Gums recede, which make teeth look longer
  • Teeth appear to shift, causing gaps and crowding
  • Teeth feel loose
  • Problems arise with "bite," how the upper and lower teeth fit together
  • Foul taste
You may experience problems with how dental appliances feel as teeth shift, and sores inside the mouth can be quite annoying and gum painful. A number of other conditions can be responsible for these relatively vague symptoms, including bruxism or teeth grinding, temporomandibular joint related disorders or even sinus infections that may be mistaken as tooth pain.

To find out if your symptoms of gum disease are indeed rooted in this common, progressive condition, call your Rochester area dental partner at 248-365-7737 to schedule an appointment. The sooner Dr. Steele and the team can look at your mouth and identify the cause, the earlier you can get back to feeling better and potentially avoid destructive problems such as tooth loss.

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