Periodontal Surgery In Waterford For The Older Adult

Today, more people are living longer, which is a good thing. However, studies have shown that the older a person gets, the higher their risk for developing gum disease. Our first priority is to help our patients enjoy oral health through preventative care and early treatment when possible. Beyond that, there are some occasions when periodontal surgery in Waterford becomes the best course of action to assist the older adult in accomplishing prolonged oral health.

Treating gum disease early is our best scenario. We can help our patients avoid the complications that come with advanced gum disease when they are committed to maintaining regular dental visits, no more than six months apart. When treating an active case of gum disease, it may be beneficial to visit your dentist more frequently. Early forms of treatment, before periodontal surgery in Waterford is needed, includes at-home care and in office treatments, such as regular cleanings, and possibly treatment with an antibiotic to address active infection.

Periodontal disease in older patients is especially concerning to dentists, because senior patients have specific health needs and may use medications that the younger patient does not take. The extended use of medications such as painkillers, diuretics, high blood pressure prescriptions, antihistamines, and antidepressants can lead to dryness in the mouth, and may cause changes in the soft tissue, increasing the risk for periodontal disease to advance. We understand the special needs of older adults, and pay close attention to gum health during dental examinations.

It is our goal that our patients experience optimal oral health so that they can avoid pain and limited food consumption. With the older adult, periodontal disease can affect the types of foods that can be eaten, even if the patient wears dentures. The health of the gums is of the utmost importance for permanent restorations as well. Today, many patients are opting for dental implants to replace missing teeth, rather than traditional dentures. Implants, however, are reliant upon the health of the gums and the jawbone for success and longevity.

Periodontal disease is a serious oral condition that you can manage. With our extensively trained and highly experienced periodontal specialist, your oral health is in good hands. Contact us to schedule your dental examination today.

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