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Their dental equipment is always very clean. I can tell they sanitize it all the time. I love how much attention to detail they show. They are always so careful and meticulous. I never have to worry about them making a mistake or forgetting something. They were ready to see me when I showed up for my appointment. I never had to wait for them to show up. I've been places before where they were argumentative and angry, so I was nervous that I would encounter that here as well. Instead, they were very calm and understanding the entire time. I could tell they really care about
everyone who visits them.
Ray A.

Achieve a straight smile with the best dental specialist care in Oakland County

Most people, when they think of how to straighten crooked teeth, imagine metal brackets and wires. They may also keep in mind the final desired result, which is a more attractive smile. There are many who now know that orthodontic treatment aids in the preservation of oral health, aiding in the accomplishment of successful hygiene. What few, if any, people think about is how straightening crooked teeth can improve seemingly random symptoms like headaches or jaw pain.

Chronic headaches are experienced by approximately 20% of Americans. This adds up to about fifty million individuals. Chronic headaches are most commonly thought to be caused by stress, or possibly poor postural habits. In many cases, over the counter pain relievers or anti-inflammatory medication is used to alleviate headache pain. Some people may even visit a chiropractor for spinal adjustments to handle headaches. Understanding the link between anatomical structure and bodily function, adjusting misalignments makes sense.

Where alignment of the spine is important for various functions, bite alignment within the oral structure is also important. In fact, it has been discovered through research that bite imbalances is the root cause of several discomforts in many, such as head, face, neck, and shoulder tension. One way to achieve the best possible results from orthodontic treatment is to work with a neuromuscular dental specialist in Oakland County. At Metropolitan Dental Centers, we have helped many of our patients become free from chronic pain.

What is Neuromuscular Dentistry?

Neuromuscular dentistry is focused on creating alignment within the oral structure, determining and achieving the most suitable balance of all teeth as they relate to opposing teeth. Essentially, the goal of neuromuscular dentistry is to enable teeth to fit together properly when biting down or chewing. When this is accomplished by taking into consideration how the jaw relates with the anatomical and neuromuscular system in the neck and head, we are able to end chronic pain.

Introducing Metropolitan Dental Center by Dr. Jason Ingber

Dr. Jason Ingber explains about their Dental practice in Waterford Twp, MI. The Metropolitan Dental Center is one of the largest Dental offices in Waterford Twp, MI area. With multiple specialists who can treat a range of dental issues under the same roof Metropolitan Dental Center is your once stop Dental Practice in Waterford Twp, MI for your family and friends.

We are a very large office and have multi specialties.When you first walk into our office you find the general dentist and orthodontist departments on the right side and the TMJ and periodontist departments on the left side.Any general dentistry related procedures in our office is done with a treatment plan. Any fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions or orthodontist treatments will be conducted by Dr. Michael R. Hardy, DDS, MS. Consult Dr. Steele, DDS, MS for any Gum or periodontist issues. Dr. Martin Fraschetti, DDS, MICCMO can help you with headaches, migraine, neck pain or sleep apnea We are committed to provide and prioritize your requirements and help you to maintain good oral health. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and examination appointment today!

Dr. Jason Ingber understands how the bite effects the overall position of the head and neck, which in turn impacts posture. Treating patients’ neuromuscular issues within the bite; he achieves excellent, health-improving results excellent, health-improving results.

To address chronic pain in the head or neck area, contact Metropolitan Dental Center at (248) 365-7737.

Are your TMJ symptoms a pain in the jaw, ears, face, neck...? Is bulky CPAP therapy for sleep apnea a "pain"?

Are your TMJ symptoms a pain in the jaw, ears, face, neck...? Treat the root of the problem for lasting relief. Look no further than Metro Imaging Center - southeast Michigan's premier destination for advanced neuromuscular dentistry. Dr. Martin Fraschetti is a national authority on systematic approaches to treat TMJ imbalances, associated pain, and sleep apnea - non-surgically. Patients from across the U.S. and Canada have benefited from Dr. Fraschetti and associates mix of sophisticated expertise and technologies to accurately pinpoint the source of your problems and to effectively treat TMJ dysfunction and Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Reduce your reliance on pain meds. Easily wear and take treatment with you. Boost your quality of life. Visit the online home of Metro Imaging Center.

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Andrea B.
"My son was seen here for 3 years. Staff and doctor are all amazing. We always was taken right back never a long wait in 3 full years. Love all the girls here especially Jodi the front desk assistant. She has been amazing. I will highly recommend this orthodontist."
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