Auburn Hills doctor answers question of, "Will Invisalign correct overbite?"

The Invisalign aligners worn to straighten teeth are clear and removable, which makes them an attractive alternative to conventional braces. However, just because Invisalign is aesthetically pleasing and convenient does not mean that these dental appliances are any less effective than other orthodontic treatments. Consider how the mobile device you had even two years ago is leaps and bounds ahead of your latest device, and a world apart from the phone you may have had 5 years ago.

Invisalign technology, too, has made great strides and is now an even more versatile way to correct a number of dental problems effectively, including overbite.

What is an overbite?

Your "bite" refers to how the upper and lower teeth come together. If the upper teeth jut out over the lower teeth, then you have an overbite. Likewise, if your lower teeth stick out past the upper teeth you have an underbite.

While many people may think of Invisalign as merely straightening teeth, treating crowded areas and closing gaps, this method is also a corrective approach to bite-related problems.

As with any condition, the severity of overbite can vary dramatically. These problems can arise as the result of childhood trauma. Perhaps you lost baby or adult teeth prematurely. Even habits such as prolonged and excessive use of a bottle or pacifier can have long-term implications for the health of your bite.

You may have noticed shifting over time, as the result of progressive gum disease. Eventually periodontitis can cause teeth to become loose and either fall out or require extraction. Even treatments to correct conditions such as dental fillings that are worn or improperly fitted can affect the shape and structure of the jaw.

Why treatment is so important

You may not need Metropolitan Dental Center to tell you this, because if you found this story odds are good that you are with the irritation caused by your upper teeth rubbing against your lips and other tissues. You may struggle to eat properly.

This flavor of teeth misalignment has also been linked to:
  • Strain on other teeth
  • Pressure and discomfort on the jaws and muscles
  • Increased risk of breaking or fracturing teeth
  • The development of a lisp (or other problems with speech)
  • Increased risk of decay, cavities, and gum disease
The last complication is due to problems with cleaning in-between and around teeth that don't fit together properly.

Like many dental conditions, overbite will get worse if it goes untreated. It can even alter the appearance of your face. Thanks to advancements including the use of elastics, more severe bite problems including overbite may now be treated and they may be treated easily with Invisalign.

Generally, Invisalign designed to correct overbite is no more different than Invisalign to correct other bite or alignment problems. The concept is the same regardless of concerns.

The idea is to gather information about your mouth, including impressions, which is collectively used to customize a treatment plan to your needs. The Metropolitan Dental Imaging Center will develop a series of aligners, with each set to be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours daily. These aligners will gently guide the teeth into proper place.

Metropolitan Dental Center's experts also offer a number of other orthodontic treatments, should the severity of overbite or type of condition necessitate these Invisalign alternatives. Dr. Ingber and his team can suggest traditional braces, neuromuscular orthodontia, and Snap On Smiles. For the answer to the question, "Will Invisalign correct overbite?" call the MDC Auburn Hills area office at 248-365-7737.

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