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Orthodontics Treatment from Waterford Dentist
When it comes to misalignment of the smile, many patients need to discuss the benefits of treatment with orthodontics. Treatment is available for Waterford Twp, MI area patients at Metropolitan Dental Center. Orthodontics is a great way for patients to address misaligned teeth along the dental arch and bite alignment.

How does orthodontics work?

Orthodontics use metal brackets and wires to realign the smile and provide long-term results. Braces may be used for:
  • Aligning the teeth along the dental arch
  • Turning teeth that are crooked
  • Aligning the bite for treatment of cross bite, overbite, and underbite
  • Moving teeth to eliminate gaps
  • Realigning the teeth after extractions for overcrowded smiles
We find many patients to be at ease when considering orthodontic treatment. With the help of a professional, patients can permanently improve their smile and boost their self-confidence. In many cases, orthodontic treatment is only needed for a brief period.

Our practice offers a variety of options, including:
  • Traditional braces – when patients think of orthodontic treatment, metal brackets and wires often come to mind. These are considered traditional braces and are used in mild to severe misalignment concerns.
  • Invisalign – as an alternative to conventional braces, patients can also work with the team of Metropolitan Dental Center to discuss candidacy for Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear aligner trays that are custom-made to place over the dental arch to slowly reposition the teeth.
  • Snap-on Smiles – another way to quickly enhance the smile is with Snap-On Smiles. This is a special restoration that covers the natural teeth for an improved appearance.

Interested in orthodontics treatment?

Contact Metropolitan Dental Center today to schedule a consultation appointment. We can be reached at (248) 365-7737 and are located at 4664 West Walton Boulevard in Waterford Twp, Michigan. Visit to find out if you or your family can benefit from orthodontia.

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