Orthodontic braces from your dentist near Auburn Hills are customized to your needs and goals

Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for people of all ages, not just teenagers. Correcting misalignment can improve the look of the smile and can also lead to better oral health. Additionally, when the smile looks better after the correction of misalignment, self-confidence can improve a great deal. Today, there are multiple options in orthodontic braces available to residents of Auburn Hills and surrounding areas. If you would like to transform the look and feel of your smile, a quick call to Metropolitan Dental Center can get the ball rolling.

Conventional orthodontic treatment

Conventional braces have long been used to create more attractive smiles. Though many people are apprehensive to correct misalignment with conventional metal braces, there remain some very good reasons to choose this option. The braces used today are made for the highest degree of comfort and the lowest amount of visibility. The principles on which conventional orthodontics are based have been proven incredibly effective at producing the desired outcome.

With conventional braces, it is possible to shift a tooth sideways, forward, backward, downward, or upward. A tooth can also be rotated or tipped with this method as well. Throughout treatment with conventional braces, teeth may move approximately 1 millimeter per month. Due to the pliability of the jaw during the pre-teen and teenage years, conventional orthodontics during this time is ideal. However, we have also successfully treated many adults with conventional braces.

Neuromuscular braces

At Metropolitan Dental Center, we do not focus conventional braces only on the improvement of the position of teeth. Our team is incredibly dedicated to the lasting effects of orthodontic treatment and considers the potential neuromuscular defects or stressors when designing treatment for misalignment.


Invisalign has been touted as the new age orthodontic system ideal for adults. In fact, there are many advantages to correction using the Invisalign system. This method of straightening teeth is appealing to teens and adults alike due to its ease of use and discreet aesthetic. Invisalign is an aligner method of orthodontic treatment, made with thermoplastic aligners designed using state-of-the-art software and detailed imaging. In addition to the barely-there look of Invisalign, what patients tend to find appealing about this treatment is that aligners can be removed.

Your smile is unique to you. The way in which it is treated should be unique as well. Call Metropolitan Dental Center at (248) 365-7737.

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