Invisalign braces from your Lapeer area dentist a clear choice for a beautiful smile

With the various advances that have occurred in the area of orthodontics, there is no longer the same stigma surrounding braces. We visit with patients of all ages, many of whom inquire about how they may improve the look of their smile with orthodontic treatment like Invisalign. Different than conventional braces, Invisalign is the clear choice for many of our Lapeer area patients.

The Metropolitan Dental Center team is happy to offer patients choices when it comes to improving their smiles. The overall treatment concept, as well as the entire Invisalign experience, is based on simplicity and effectiveness. The Invisalign appliance looks more like a retainer or sports guard than braces. Single trays for upper and lower arches fit comfortably over teeth, placing well-distributed pressure to achieve gradual, positive movement.

The BPA free plastic Invisalign trays come in a series. Each set of trays is worn for about two weeks, after which the next set in the series is inserted. No adjustments are needed, and the force placed on teeth is gentle and consistent throughout treatment. One of the aspects of Invisalign that is so appealing is that aligner trays are removable. This means that your smile is never hidden behind metal brackets and wires, and that you can continue enjoying all of your favorite foods while your smile is being transformed. Oral hygiene is easy with Invisalign, and you never have to feel self-conscious during important meetings or special events, because aligners can easily be removed for short periods of time.

Being such a simple orthodontic treatment, Invisalign may seem ineffective at producing dramatic results. In fact, the success of this orthodontic treatment is well known. Though a simple concept, Invisalign is designed using sophisticated technology that works. Treatment begins with precision planning based on advanced diagnostics such as digital imaging. Aligner trays are designed using software interpretation of a 3D model of your teeth. Through a high degree of detail, each movement of teeth is carefully planned. We are even able to preview a virtual model of the predicted results before you ever wear your first aligner.

It has been proven that the smile is a vital social and professional asset. Making improvements to your smile is easy. Just call (248) 365-7737 and schedule a consultation at Metropolitan Dental Center.

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