Advanced research shows the benefits to family dentistry near Auburn Hills

One of the primary things dentists are known for is their recommendations for brushing and flossing. These activities are some that we learn as children. Throughout life, they remain a vital part of oral health and an attractive smile. Oral hygiene, inclusive of daily habits and regular professional cleanings, goes beyond impacting the smile, though. Advanced research supports the purpose of family dentistry in our office near Auburn Hills, which is to promote healthy bodies by taking great care of the mouth.

We may not give much thought to the mouth. This is the body part through which we communicate, and through which our body is fed. Digestion begins here, and our smile is an important physical feature that makes us attractive. The total impact of the mouth is far greater than these basic facts. When we realize the connection between the mouth and the body, we are empowered to have more control over general health through dental care.

The Centers for Disease Control has reported that cavities are the most common chronic disease seen in children and teens. This organization has also stated that gum disease affects more than half of the adults in our country. Many of those with gum disease don’t even know it. These may be dental problems, but the root cause of cavities and gum disease, bacteria, also has plays a role in general health.

Bacteria are a natural occurrence in the oral environment, which is ideal for microorganisms. To some extent, bacteria are necessary. Through the natural immune response, the body should be capable of keeping good and bad bacteria in check. Lifestyle and dietary choices, however, can create problems with this delicate balance, creating a more acidic environment in the mouth and body. When imbalance occurs, it becomes easier for bacteria to multiply in the mouth, weakening enamel and gum tissue, and threatening much more than the smile.

Bacteria are living creatures seen only under magnification. From the mouth, there are a number of avenues through which microorganisms can travel to the body. During research studies, investigators identified common bacteria in the mouth and coronary arteries. Additionally, oral bacteria cause chronic infection (gum disease), which sends the body into a chronic state of inflammation. This state stresses the immune system and causes the release of proteins which increase the risk of unhealthy conditions such as respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and more.

Yes, your dentist wants to help you avoid painful toothaches. At Metropolitan Dental Center, we also see the value of outstanding dental care on the entire body. Call our office at (248) 365-7737 for your visit today.

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