Prompt dental care for emergency situations near Lapeer restores comfort and peace of mind

Though most people envision something like a tooth getting knocked out as a dental emergency, there are actually a host of problems that may qualify for urgent care. Dental emergencies may be as simple as a persistent or worsening toothache or might be related to an injury to gum tissue or a tooth. Regardless of specifics, urgent, severe dental problems can make it difficult to speak, eat, or achieve a suitable level of comfort.

Ideally, we would all be able to avoid emergency situations related to our teeth by brushing and flossing daily as recommended. We would remember to avoid using our teeth as tools to open packages, and would not bite or chew on hard objects. Though good habits can decrease the potential for unexpected dental problems, there is still a small risk.

What we want our patients to know is that dental care is available for their dental emergency. In our office near Lapeer, we have the skill and the equipment necessary to provide prompt, specific attention to those in need of urgent care. If you or a loved one need dental care right away, or you are not sure if your dental problem requires immediate attention, we encourage you to contact our office. We are happy to make arrangements for care, and provide guidance on steps to take until care can be received.

Tooth damage

Injuries to a tooth or teeth require dental care as soon as possible, whether or not the damage can be seen or just felt. Sometimes, tooth damage can be felt as a broken or chipped tooth. Other times, the way damage is felt is in the form of generalized or intense, localized pain. Contrary to popular belief, intense tooth pain is actually the leading reason for emergency dental care. In the time prior to dental care, the mouth can be rinsed with lukewarm water to minimize pain. Cold compresses may also ease discomfort until our office can be reached.

If tooth damage consists of a tooth getting knocked loose or knocked out completely, there is a possibility the tooth can be saved if care is received right away. If a tooth has been knocked out, it should be located and handled only by the crown, the portion of the tooth visible above the gums. The tooth should be rinsed, if possible, or may be kept in the mouth as it is transported to our office. A lost or dislodged tooth must be handled with extreme care, as root damage can make reinsertion into the socket impossible.

The team at Metropolitan Dental Center provides outstanding preventive care, and can also help you regain comfort with gentle emergency care. Contact our office for your appointment.

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