What are the differences in neuromuscular dentures from my Waterford dentist?

The creation of custom-fitted denture appliances can be life-changing for one who is edentulous. Without a full set of stable, healthy teeth, chewing can become significantly impaired, and the face loses its underlying support. Metropolitan Dental Centers is a practice powered by extensive training and years of hands-on experience in the design of superior denture appliances. Our dentures are made based on precise measurements, tailored to interact with the neuromuscular structure of the jaw.

Still, dentures are not natural teeth. Patients facing the design of a new denture may wonder what they might expect from treatment. Below are a few of the common issues faced in first days with new dentures from your Waterford dentist. Bear in mind that neuromuscular dentures are far different than conventional dentures. The benefit to this type of prosthetic is that it may be an easier process getting used to your new teeth. Some patients report feeling as though their specially designed Fountain Of Youth Dentures have been there forever, reporting none of the common problems listed here.


With dentures sitting on top of gum tissue, it is common for a bit of irritation to occur when chewing. Our dentures are designed to snugly fit into existing jaw structure, which greatly reduces the instance of irritation. The acclimation to new dentures can be made even easier by eating softer foods and plenty of liquids in the first few days of denture wear. Some people find it comfortable to eat soups, oatmeal, soft breads, steamed vegetables, yogurt, bananas, and melons at first, adding in harder foods slowly.


The immediate difference noticed with neuromuscular dentures is that fit is superior to conventional appliances. For those who are first-time denture wearers, fit may exceed what was expected. Conventional dentures often feel awkward and loose for a few days, with lower dentures being especially challenging. Wearing dentures at all times for a few days can speed up the process in which muscles and soft tissues adapt to this new structure. After two or three days, dentures can be removed at night.


Those who have worn conventional dentures have often found eating to be one of the biggest challenges. Dentures made to fit the overall structure of the jaw, as ours are, tend to result in near-natural chewing ability. However, when getting used to a new denture appliance it can be helpful to take your time and chew slowly. Be careful to allow your cheeks, lips, and tongue to work with your new appliance. A comfortable eating experience can be facilitated with food cut into bite-sized pieces.

We have been fitting superior dentures for many years, and work with our patients to create functional chewing and speaking, as well as an attractive aesthetic that leads to great self-confidence. Contact Metropolitan Dental Centers for your consultation.

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