Longevity is a factor to consider when investigating dentures cost and reviews in Waterford Twp, MI

The issue of tooth loss has had viable solutions for many decades. Standard dentures have improved a great deal in the past hundred-plus years and they have become an excellent path towards the restoration of function and appearance. This conventional appliance, still used by many dentists today, is not without its shortcomings. When researching dentures cost and reviews, patients in the Waterford Twp, MI area should consider factors such as longevity.

Many people, when faced with tooth loss or removal, are not aware of the immense effect tooth loss will have. Gaining insight into the consequences of tooth loss as well as the treatment used to restore function will enable you to better navigate your treatment process. Patients of Metropolitan Dental Center find that treatment with Fountain Of Youth Dentures leads to excellent results.

After the loss of teeth, the jawbone is robbed of the stimulation necessary for bone retention. When natural teeth are present, their roots transfer force when food is chewed. This stimulation helps the bone tissue to regenerate. Without roots, there is no stimulation so a drastic decrease in the regeneration of bone tissue occurs.

In the standard form of treatment with conventional dentures, the look of natural teeth is restored. Approximately 60 percent of natural function is also restored. What is not achieved is the stimulation of bone tissue. As time goes on and bone breaks down, a denture will fit more loosely and may pose problems like discomfort, sore spots, or instability. Additionally, the decrease in bone structure in the jaw will cause the face to become more aged in appearance.

Conventional denture treatment can be a challenge when no natural teeth remain. The overall size of teeth and the fit of the bite are largely determined by the skill level of the dentist. While dental professionals no doubt do their best to replicate natural oral anatomy, the inaccuracy of the planning process often leads to poor fit. Fountain Of Youth Dentures are made with precision and for specific goals.

Fountain Of Youth Dentures are designed using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry. These custom-made appliances fit around the jaw muscles, not only on gum tissue. As such, the new denture will support the most natural bite structure, provide stimulation to the jawbone, and preserve healthy facial contours.

Tooth replacement with dentures does not have to be complicated. Let us plan your tooth replacement with precision. Call Metropolitan Dental Center today.

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