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At Metropolitan Dental Center, our staff is committed to helping patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles.
At Metropolitan Dental Center, our staff is committed to helping patients achieve and maintain healthy smiles. When teeth are lost or extracted, it is essential that patients speak with a dentist in Waterford Twp, MI to learn about treatment options. The best way for patients to restore their smiles is with the consideration of any of these repair solutions:
  • Dentures
  • Dental bridges
  • Dental implants
While dental implants and bridges are great for some patients, others need a removable or economical solution, and dentures may be the most appropriate solution.

What are dentures?

There are several types of dentures for patients to consider. The most common is partial dentures. Partial dentures are made to replace one or more teeth within an arch. They are fabricated with metal and acrylic frameworks and snap into place using the existing teeth for support. Another option is a full denture. This replaces an entire dental arch using acrylic false teeth and gums. These dentures can also be used along with dental implants for implant-supported dentures. Implant-supported dentures are the strongest option, and allow patients to rest easy knowing they do not need dental adhesives to keep their denture in place.

Why choose dentures?

Dentures have many benefits. The primary benefit is their affordability. Many dental insurance policies will help pay for dentures as a replacement for missing teeth versus other more expensive options. Dentures are easily removable, making them simple to keep clean. Patients can have dentures adjusted, as needed. as their smile changes in shape and structure over time.

What is the process of receiving dentures?

Dentures do require patients to undergo a series of impressions to fabricate a restoration that fits precisely in place. The dentist will work with the dental laboratory creating the denture to discuss color, shape, and size of the replacement teeth to ensure seamless integration into the patient’s smile.

Do dentures cause bad breath?

Dentures do not cause bad breath unless patients are not taking diligent care of their smile with regular brushing and flossing. Another reason bad breath may be present is due to a condition known as halitosis. This is persistent bad breath that can be difficult for patients to control. Halitosis is sometimes connected to periodontal disease, so visiting the dentist for issues such as this is highly recommended to determine the cause of the issue and find a solution.

Schedule a visit with the team at Metropolitan Dental Center to learn more about dentures

Dentures are a fabulous solution for patients missing natural teeth and seeking a viable solution for repair. Contact the staff at our practice to determine if this is the best option for you and your smile! Our team is located at 4664 West Walton Boulevard, and can be reached by phone at (248) 365-7737.

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