Auburn Hills area dentist distinguishes care with neuromuscular, implant expertise for better dentures

You may have heard or seen friends and family members complaining about or struggling with their dentures. Maybe they were uncomfortable. Maybe there were embarrassing slips during dinner. Maybe it was harder for you to understand what they were saying.

Today’s dentures options for people in Auburn Hills and the surrounding areas are vastly different from what you may recall. That’s because there are alternatives that, by their very design, eliminate the irritation, slippage, and other annoyances often caused by a poor fit.

A problem with conventional denture science

Trained in neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Jeffrey Ingber is understandably a proponent of Fountain Of Youth Dentures, because they use the principles of this highly specialized area of the dental profession.

Many fit problems can be traced back to the impression used to make the prosthetic. A basic impression of your mouth is not made to fit a mouth in motion. Traditionally, a dentist would try to account for movement by adjusting manually. These adjustments fall short of what the Strickland technique and neuromuscular dentists such as Dr. Ingber can do. Instead, he makes dentures using impressions of your muscles in motion. In turn, resulting dentures don’t just sit on the gums like traditional ones. These dentures work with, not against, the many functions of your mouth, from chewing to speaking to smiling.

Additional options, additional expertise

Metropolitan Dental Center is also proud to offer implant-supported dentures. Our periodontist, Dr. Steele, has received specialized training in placing dental implants. Also unlike regular dentures that just sit on top of the gums, these dentures are connected to implants placed in the jawbone via special attachments, and they can be snapped on and off easily. The artificial titanium tooth root supports the dentures to provide stability and eliminate those common complaints with fit and bone loss affecting the way people talk, eat, and their facial appearance.

Drs. Ingber and Steele, and their team, can combine the Strickland and implant options, so those missing teeth achieve optimal comfort and appearance. Call a dentist for dentures in the Auburn Hills area with advanced knowledge of neuromuscular principles and the latest safe and effective treatments to replace your missing teeth, Metropolitan Dental Center at (248) 365-7737.

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