Patients realize the advantages of neuromuscular, implant-supported dentures in Waterford

The advantages of conventional dentures are well documented. Think of all the ways you use your teeth. These everyday functions are needed to maintain overall health and quality of life. Yet patients generally don't think about these functions until they're gone.

By replacing your missing teeth with dentures, you can continue to chew food and smile and speak freely without embarrassment about how words are pronounced or how you look. As much as any tooth replacement is better than no replacement at all following an extraction or a tooth falling out, conventional dentures are also associated with a number of unwanted side effects, including:
  • Problems with stability, slipping
  • Lack of comfort
  • Maintenance associated with cleaning removable appliances
However, one of the biggest drawbacks of conventional removable dentures has to do with a complication that occurs gradually: bone loss.

Dr. Jeffrey Ingber and his team at the Metropolitan Dental Center have a better alternative to this alternative to extraction, and it's called "Fountain Of Youth Dentures." As the term "facelift" suggests, this approach to dentures offers a cosmetic advantage over conventional tooth replacement options.

By designing new teeth based on a "dynamic" impression of your mouth while it is in motion, the dentures address the way all the parts of the mouth work together — the muscles, bones, and nerves.

This feature of Fountain Of Youth Dentures alone is in stark contrast to how traditional dentures are made. Historically, restorative techniques have used impressions that are made while the mouth is "static," and not in motion. This neuromuscular approach allows Dr. Ingber to best create and fit a denture that is most like the natural set of teeth that you have lost over time or to several extractions at once.

These dentures avoid the pitfalls associated with conventional dental appliances, which do nothing to address the bone loss that so frequently manifests itself as a sunken appearance and prematurely aged face. You don't have to go under the knife to look younger, as these dentures restore natural, youthful facial proportions. While the cosmetic benefit may be the most obvious benefit of Fountain Of Youth Dentures, it is by no means the only advantage to conventional dental options. Consider how this outgrowth of neuromuscular dentistry also results in:
  • Better speech
  • More efficient and comfortable chewing
  • Less discomfort caused by poor fit
  • Even distribution of pressure from biting, other functions
The last advantage listed here is particularly notable, in that there are a number of complications associated with the uneven distribution of forces from chewing. For example, you may grapple with headaches, and jaw and facial pain caused by this imbalance.

Metropolitan Dental Center offers another preferred alternative to conventional dentures, thanks to implant-supported dentures. Like single implant systems, this treatment allows for a secure and comfortable as the denture is actually connected to the underlying bone by way of the artificial tooth "root" or titanium dental implant.

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