Your dentist in Waterford reminds you of the importance of flossing

Recommendations on brushing and flossing our teeth are nothing new. Most of us have heard time and time again that we must brush our teeth twice a day and floss them daily if we wish to keep our smile healthy and attractive. It is interesting how the constant reminders can actually have a negative overall effect, feeling more familiar than important.

Why we remind patients to floss

Flossing is more than just the follow up to brushing. There are reasons dentists around the world encourage their patients to perform this critical step. When we brush our teeth, the goal is not only to clean away debris left behind after a meal, but also to wash away the living organisms that reside in the mouth. Our mouths are naturally home to millions of bacteria. These unseen organisms are fed by tiny particles of food, which may remain between teeth and at the gum line. Tooth brushing can wash away only so much bacteria. Those that hide between teeth and near the gums remain, unless flossing is performed as a follow up.

We should floss our teeth every day after brushing. The combination of these two activities leads to the significant reduction in oral bacteria, which subsequently improves oral health as a whole. Even more importantly, the effective management of oral bacteria is now understood as a way to promote a healthier body.

Through scientific research, the link between oral health and systemic health has been discovered. The bacteria that live in the mouth, if not adequately controlled, can lead to chronic inflammation in gum tissue, as well as in the entire body. Bacteria can also reach multiple parts of the body through the digestive system, the airway, and the blood, causing infection and poor health.

By working with your dentist in Waterford, you can maintain your healthiest, most attractive smile through preventive care. During routine visits, we check the health of teeth and gums, provide restorative care if needed, and discuss ways to keep that smile healthy and beautiful.

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