What is the process of getting a tooth implant near Rochester?

Tooth replacement was transformed by the development of dental implants, a fortunate advancement in dentistry due to the importance of restoring full functionality after tooth loss. Both oral function and oral health are impacted by tooth loss, regardless of the number of teeth or the reason for loss. If just one tooth is lost, it is possible that surrounding teeth will shift out of place. The impact can be seen in the smile and felt as increased problems such as biting a cheek, cavities, or gum disease. The more teeth that are lost or removed, the greater the risk of bone loss.

Today, specifically trained dentists can replace missing teeth with dental implants. At Metropolitan Dental Center, patients receive outstanding care from renowned periodontist, Dr. Steele. Tooth replacement using dental implants facilitates a number of benefits. What comes from this form of treatment is ultimate stability.

A tooth implant is inserted into the bone in our office near Rochester in a safe, painless procedure. However, the treatment process begins days or weeks prior to procedure day with a comprehensive consultation in which you can discuss your dental and smile concerns with your dentist, and learn of the various treatment options that can restore your smile and comfortable chewing ability. A thorough examination will be performed in which bone density and height are evaluated. We will also confirm the absence of gum disease, as healthy gums are a vital part of successful treatment. If oral health issues exist, they will be treated as a part of the overall care plan.

On the day of treatment, local anesthetic is administered. Once the treatment area is completely numb, Dr. Steele will insert implants carefully into their strategic positioning. Implants themselves are not tooth replacements. These tiny posts are completely hidden beneath the gums, where they will become fused to natural bone tissue in the months following insertion. Immediately after an implant is situated in the jawbone, it will be covered with gum tissue to facilitate an undisturbed healing phase. We prefer not to load implants immediately with their restorations, allowing ample time for fusion between implant and bone tissue. In the instance of front teeth, however, temporary restorations can be affixed to the implant or implants while they heal.

Once an implant has healed within bone tissue, a final restoration such as a crown, bridge, or denture appliance can be affixed. Upon the completion of treatment, you can enjoy a healthy, functional smile for life.

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