In our Waterford practice, many types of people benefit from dental implants

When a permanent tooth has been lost due trauma, tooth decay, or other reasons, dental implants are often recommended for replacement. This approach, rather than dentures or a dental bridge, has numerous benefits far beyond aesthetics.

The only solution that leads to the permanent restoration of a lost tooth or teeth, dental implants restore chewing function, prevent the shifting of surrounding teeth, and provide protection against bone loss that occurs when the jaw bone is not stimulated by a natural tooth root. As beneficial and highly successful as dental implants are, they may not be suitable for every one of our Waterford patients needing tooth replacement.

Various types of people will benefit from dental implants. Because the procedure involves inserting a tiny post into bone tissue, the ideal candidate for implants will have healthy gums, bone, and be in good general health. Your dentist at Metropolitan Dental Center will assess the bone density of the jaw to ensure there is adequate material. After the implant placed, the bone will grow around the implant, fusing with it over the course of several months. If density is not sufficient, we may recommend a procedure designed to build it up to be more supportive of the new implant or implants.

The longevity of dental implants can be affected by certain factors, some of which may rule out candidacy. Patients who are pregnant or diabetic, who smoke, are hemophilic, have a medical condition or immune disorder, or are taking certain medications may need to put off treatment until health is improved.

Another factor related to the long-term success of dental implants is the skill of the periodontist performing the procedure. Metropolitan Dental Center provides the highest level of care to our valued patients, we are proud to have our periodontist, Dr. Steele, as an esteemed member of our staff.

Dental implants provide benefits that no other tooth replacement is capable of. Contact us to learn how dental implants can protect your smile by calling (248) 365-7737.

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