Covering the cost of dental implants with insurance and out-of-pocket payment plans in Waterford practice

Patients looking at options to replace one or more teeth have several options available. Choices should be evaluated based on lifestyle, treatment goals, age of the patient, and affordability. Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular choice for restorations – for a single tooth, multiple teeth, or dentures. There is some upfront investment and perhaps a slight bit more inconvenience, however, the results are beneficial due to cost-effectiveness and durability over the long term.

A question that will often arise when discussing dental implants is "What do dental implants cost?" Although an important question in the decision-making and planning process, it is not always so simple to answer. The professionals at Metropolitan Dental Center in Waterford Twp, MI, encourage prospective patients to schedule a consultation with them. This exam and discussion will investigate the best treatment options for an individual. Once the procedures have been evaluated, the patient will be given the information they need to present to their dental insurance company for an estimate of cost coverage, and to determine what it will cost them personally out-of-pocket.

Each dental plan is going to be different in regards to what is covered and for how much. However, there are efficient ways in which a procedure may be billed and presented that will deliver the most value to the patient for the procedure they choose. Patients should not be deterred from investigating a procedure that is of interest just because an insurance provider states it "does not cover" something. Sometimes it is as simple as securing an alternative benefit amount from the insurance to apply towards the most useful treatment for the patient. If out-of-pocket cost is still a little more than what a client pay at once, we also accept CareCredit to allow monthly payments and still get the perfect results.

When choosing dental implants, it is important to choose a provider who is experienced and knowledgeable in the procedure. Dr. Steele, DDS, MS takes great pride in delivering the most effective and comfortable treatments. For superior care, visit Metropolitan Dental Center for all of your dental care needs.

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