Replacing a tooth or teeth with implant dentistry from your dentist near Clarkston, MI gets you back to your best smile

Any adult can experience the loss of a tooth. Several factors may lead to tooth loss, such as trauma or disease, the effects of aging, or the need for extraction. Regardless of what leads to the loss of a tooth or teeth, the effects can be dramatic. Your dentist is concerned with replacing missing teeth to promote oral health and the preservation of youthful facial contours. With the most suitable form of tooth replacement, such as with implant dentistry in our office near Clarkston, MI, it is possible to avoid:
  • Chewing and biting difficulty
  • Problems with speech
  • Shifting of remaining teeth
  • Embarrassment over the look of your smile
At Metropolitan Dental Centers, our goal is to offer patients solutions that meet their needs. In the area of tooth replacement, research has shown us just how beneficial dental implant treatment can be, compared to previous tooth replacement options. Implants are far superior to dentures and dental bridges primarily because implant posts, inserted into healthy jawbone tissue, replace the root of the missing tooth.

Dentures and bridges cannot offer the same level of stability that comes from dental implants. This proven treatment allows patients to feel confident during meals, and when they speak, laugh, and smile. Once integrated into the bone, implants work like natural roots, providing necessary stimulation to the bone tissue for its ultimate preservation. What this means to implant patients is that the jawbone does not recede, leading to sunken in lips and cheeks. The youthful contours of the face are preserved.

Dental implants may be solitary appliances, but they also offer solutions for the replacement of several lost teeth. Using titanium dental implants, your dentist can design the ideal level of restoration suited to your needs. This may include a dental bridge secured with the appropriate number of implants, or a full denture appliance that can be snapped onto four or six implants, strategically placed for your ideal bite.

Working with your skilled implant dentist at Metropolitan Dental Centers, your smile can be all it can be. Contact our office today to discover the best treatment for missing teeth.

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