Auburn Hills area dentist restores missing teeth with implants

Our corner of Oakland County is home to some high-octane sports teams. Not all of us were blessed to be graceful on the court or smooth on the ice. Even those of us who are more than weekend warriors know accidents can happen. Maybe you found yourself face-to-face with concrete or a helmet. When you got back up again, you may have noticed something missing – your tooth.

Many accidents, many fixes

Chips account for the majority of traumatic dental injuries. Since there are many different types of chips, there is no one solution. You may need a crown or a root canal (followed by a crown). In some cases, if the tooth is split due to a progressive crack or if chipping extends below the gum line the tooth may not be savable with a root canal procedure. The tooth may need to be extracted.

Whatever the reason for tooth loss may be, the team at Metropolitan Dental Center, near Auburn Hills, has all of the services you need to replace your missing tooth.

You don't have to add to the stress by traveling to one specialist after another in various offices. We can match you with a dental implant, building your tooth from the root up to the crown.

Getting to know your new tooth

Contrary to popular belief, the implant itself isn't the part of the tooth you see when you look in the mirror. The implant is the artificial root typically made from titanium. The process starts by assessing your jawbone.

After we've determined you have enough bone to move forward (or we've built up your jawbone with grafting), we can move on to placing the implant.

Since implants are designed to be just like natural teeth, we'll have to wait until the post fuses with the bone. The amount of time for this natural process of osseointegration to occur varies. After the implant has stabilized, we'll remove the temporary crown that protected your implant and place the crown on top.

You then get to enjoy a custom-made tooth designed to blend with the rest of your teeth. You'll be back to fully enjoying sports again although a mouth-guard fit to protect your teeth and a proper helmet might be among our list of recommendations! Get to know Metropolitan Dental Center as your implants dentist near Auburn Hills by calling (248) 365-7737.

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