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Dr. Jason Ingber at Metropolitan Dental Center offers Convenient and Safe Dental Implants Placement and Treatment

Waterford Twp, MI Dental Center: Where Convenience, Specialized Implants Treatment Meet


In about six to nine months, you can get tooth replacement or the teeth you never had due to congenital conditions. There are myriad factors that shape the process and timeline for dental implants treatment in Waterford Twp MI and beyond. But the Metropolitan Dental Center removes the headaches and hassles for a smooth and convenient process, partly, with our in-house periodontist. Dr. Steele has extensive training in both treating gum disease and placing dental implants. Whereas other dentists in Oakland County and metro Detroit must refer you to a specialist who places implants, Metropolitan Dental Center is equipped with extensive onsite skills and technologies so you get to remain with the dental team you know and trust (and the team who is already familiar with your needs and preferences).

Implant dentists in more than name only

As a true “implant dentist,” Metropolitan Dental Center offers complete care from the consultation to your (implant-retained) bridge or denture. Since the implant is designed like a natural tooth root and functions as such, your new bridge or denture is held firmly in place. You get the most lifelike feel and teeth that you never have to think about.

While many people are great candidates for this “gold standard” in tooth replacement, implants -- like all treatments -- aren’t suitable for each and every person who is missing a tooth or all of his or her teeth. Likewise, some patients with bone loss may require a little more preparation than others. Bone loss occurs swiftly and arises when teeth don’t get used for functions like chewing and grinding down food. For this reason, it’s important to replace teeth sooner rather than later with fixed bridges, implant-retained bridges or dentures, or well-fitting neuromuscular dentures like those available at Metropolitan Dental Center and via other specialists like Dr. Jeffrey Ingber. If you are suffering from bone loss, there are minor procedures that can build up that tissue, to prepare your mouth to accept the implant.
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Some of these treatments may be done at the same time as the implant placement. There are some steps in the process of getting implants that all patients should expect, including:
    Steps in Dental Implants Treatment Waterford MI
  • Healing – The implant is made from a biocompatible or tooth-friendly titanium metal that joins naturally to surrounding bone in the months following placement. Sometimes, a temporary crown can be placed for cosmetic purposes during the healing process.
  • Abutment – A small connector piece is placed on top of the implant. This extension of the implant will eventually connect to the restoration.
  • Restoring your tooth (or teeth) – The final step involves placing the part of your tooth that people actually see. Depending on your needs, that restoration may be a crown for an implant-retained alternative to a conventional fixed bridge, or a denture appliance. Advanced systems allow for a maximum number of teeth to be supported by a minimal number of implants.
Implants have a high success rate and Metropolitan Dental Center uses the capabilities of its onsite Metro Imaging Center to prevent common failures; for example, our advanced technologies aid in the proper placement of your implants. To find out more about what to expect before, during, and after treatment, call (248) 365-7737 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Steele.

Metropolitan Dental Center patients in and around Waterford Twp MI benefit from the expertise of Dr. Steele for all aspects of implants treatment, from consultation and placement to the crown or dentures. Call (248) 365-7737, new patients, or (248) 674-0418, existing patients, to schedule your appointment.

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