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If you are searching for a dentist “near me” in Waterford Twp, MI who offers restorations such as dental crowns, we highly suggest a phone call to Metropolitan Dental Center. Our staff is available to assist patients with a variety of restorative procedures. Dental crowns are a popular, widely-used solution.

What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is a restoration fabricated from porcelain. This restoration is sometimes referred to as a dental “cap” because it covers all the visible area of the tooth. Crowns are made of porcelain, a material that is not only strong but mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel, ensuring seamless integration. We want to ensure that all procedures in our practice are aesthetic, since patients want to repair their smile without it appearing obvious that they have dental restorations in place.

Why do you need a dental crown?

There are many situations in which patients may be told they can benefit from the fabrication and placement of a dental crown. They may include:
  • Dental crowns are placed over dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Dental crowns are placed over teeth that have had extremely large cavities
  • Dental crowns are placed over teeth that have had root canal therapy to provide an extra layer of protection
  • Dental crowns are fused with false teeth called pontics to fabricate dental bridges for tooth replacement
  • Dental crowns are placed over teeth that are broken or cracked to protect them from further damage

Who is a candidate for dental crowns?

Most patients can benefit from dental crowns to repair their smiles. It is important to have an evaluation done by our team before moving forward with this or other restorations. Dental crowns are made of a material that is biocompatible with the smile and is aesthetic.

What is the process of having a dental crown placed?

Traditional dental crowns do require patients to undergo a series of steps to get to their final repair. At Metropolitan Dental Center, we start with an evaluation. We assess the patient and their unique case to determine if they could benefit from the placement of a dental crown. Once this has been determined, the tooth is prepared by filing down the natural tooth enamel and taking impressions. These molds are sent to a dental laboratory, along with specific instructions from the dentist regarding shape, size, and color. Once the restoration is sent to the dental practice, patients return for the permanent placement of their crown with dental cement.

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The dentists “near me” in the Waterford community who are ready to provide dental crowns and other restorations welcome new patients into their state-of-the-art facility. Call (248) 365-7737 to contact our staff and book a consultation appointment. We encourage you to visit us at 4664 West Walton Boulevard for optimum, comprehensive dental care solutions from our team.

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