Dental Crowns and Bridges

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Dental crowns and bridges are very traditional, standard restorations offered at Metropolitan Dental Center. Patients who have teeth that have broken drastically, or those who have extremely large fillings due to decay, will benefit from dental crowns. They are bonded over the top of natural teeth in order to offer protection and strength to a tooth that may be broken or weakened.

At Metropolitan Dental Center, dental crowns are made with neuromuscular conditions in mind in order to ensure that they are 100% in harmony with the patient's bite. It is so very important that crowns and bridges are made to a patient's bite with a great deal of precision. When a dentist changes the bite, they can create a whole host of problems for that patient, torquing the jaw, causing pain, and resulting in popping and clicking in the temperomandibular joint. Paying close attention to the way the crown changes the harmony within the mouth is essential to ensuring future problems do not exist.

Bridges are much the same, and should be created with the same precision in mind. Bridges are used to replace one to three teeth within a smile by utilizing a crown on the teeth on either side to support the bridge. Bridges will require a patient to sacrifice tooth structure on the two supporting teeth. In situations in which the patient has two healthy teeth surrounding the gap left behind by natural teeth, Dr. Ingber will most times suggest a stand-alone restoration such as a dental implant in lieu of a dental bridge.

Dental bridges and crowns are made at an off-site laboratory for patients, and are made of a variety of materials. However, many patients want a beautiful restoration that looks completely natural and will oftentimes want ceramic restorations. Dr. Ingber likes to plan for the future, and will ensure that all restorations are made with long-term aesthetics in mind.

When working with Dr. Ingber, he will provide with you a list of options available when addressing your dental needs. Together with his staff of specialists and dental hygienists, Dr. Ingber can guarantee that you will be pleased with your decisions regarding your teeth and gums.

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Metropolitan Dental Center is committed to helping patients achieve healthy and beautiful smiles. Our dedicated team comprises of Dr Jeffrey Ingber, DDS, FICCMO; Dr Jason Ingber, DDS; Dr Harris Gurfinkel, DDS; Dr. Steele, DDS, MS; Dr Michael R. Hardy, DDS, MS; Dr Martin Fraschetti, DDS, MICCMO; Dr Gary Wolford, DDS, MICCMO. Having unique academic background, experience, and areas of special interest, they all are very dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care.

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