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You don’t have to search very long or far to find a website that claims to reposition and fix crooked or misaligned teeth super-fast. The adage of “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is,” applies here. By now you’ve probably heard of Invisalign. As with all dental treatments, Invisalign isn’t suitable for every patient who has crooked teeth and bite problems. Yet, many patients seek Invisalign and the alternatives they find online to avoid metal braces. Maybe they wore braces in childhood and dread the thought of “metal mouth” as adults. Maybe they had friends who complained about how their braces felt, and how difficult they were to clean.

There are no shortcuts to effectively and safely repositioning your teeth. But today’s traditional dental braces available in Waterford Twp MI at the home of Metropolitan Dental Center and Metro Imaging Center, are worlds apart from earlier-generation fixed braces. They combine proven straightening techniques with some of the features our patients appreciate about “braceless” treatments like Invisalign, such as a clear or discreet appearance. Your friends, boss, coworkers, and family won’t see metal when you smile, because the brackets and wires responsible for straightening aren’t noticeable.

Thanks to advances in technology, there are many cosmetic treatment options. These include ceramic braces that are tooth-colored and designed to blend in with the surrounding teeth. No “brace-face” here! Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth, and even the so-called standard metal braces are significantly smaller and sleeker than they were even a generation or so ago. Your perception of braces may get a big makeover when you visit Dr. Michael Hardy, our onsite orthodontist. Many of our dentists are also trained in neuromuscular techniques, which can help you achieve bite and jaw alignment, and many other health benefits. Depending on what we find during an examination, you may be a great candidate for Invisalign, too. The bottom line: Metropolitan Dental Center and Metro Imaging Center have both the specialized expertise and tools to recommend an approach that is best for your specific needs. You have peace of mind, knowing that the treatment plan adds to your health and will not leave you in greater pain or with damage that you didn’t have before – a real threat when patients seek “fast fixes” or “DIY straightening” online.

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Why today’s “traditional braces” may be your best bet

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Braces are generally made of brackets that run along a wire. Only an orthodontist like Dr. Hardy or appropriately trained dentist can safely remove these braces, which are affixed to the teeth. Pressed securely against your teeth and adjusted by your dentist as treatment dictates, the wires and brackets support those slight movements that help to reposition your teeth. Braces are versatile; they can close gaps, correct crooked teeth, and effectively address even the most complicated cases of misalignment. Invisalign may work better if your dental concerns are more esthetic in nature – rather than for complex bite-related or functional problems. If your upper and lower teeth don’t come together as they should when you bite down, traditional braces can help to bring out your best smile.

A few more truths about braces:

  • The American Association of Orthodontists reports the average treatment time is 22 months, which is generally shorter than the average amount of time spent in braces in the past. Simple cases can take far less time, whereas complete bite correction may require more time than the average treatment.
  • There are many things you can do to make sure your treatment goes relatively fast and as smoothly as possible, and that includes following MDC’s instructions on brushing, flossing, diet, and visits to our office for adjustments and professional cleanings.
  • Adult orthodontic treatment can take a little longer, simply because these patients have more dense bone tissue than their pediatric counterparts. We encourage early intervention, when neuromuscular or myofunctional techniques may be most effective (before the face and jaws stop growing).
  • If you have an active infection, you’ll need to see one of our other specialists (such as our periodontist, Dr. Steele) to treat the inflammation or gum disease first. Your orthodontist and periodontist work together to ensure the best, long-term results. Sometimes, repositioning your teeth can make controlling gum disease easier; however, putting braces on vulnerable teeth or when lacking bone support, can do more harm than good.

There is no single best treatment for everyone, but there is a best option for you. Call (248) 365-7737 to schedule your personalized consultation.


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