Dentist serving Independence Township explains how tooth removal can help restore oral health

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As people age, tooth loss can occur. Whether by injury or decay, one or more of a person’s teeth may be lost. Sometimes, by the time a person sees a dentist, there is no saving a tooth. At Metropolitan Dental Center, serving the Independence Township area, we want all our patients to have excellent oral health and smiles they love. Dr. Jeffrey Ingber has over 40 years of dental experience and is a patients’ choice winner for Top Dentist 2016. If you need tooth removal, do not hesitate to give us a call today. We can help you get started on a road to the smile you deserve.

Why teeth may need extraction:

  • Many times, we can save a tooth through root canal treatment. However, sometimes, a tooth’s root canal isn’t accessible or is severely fractured. In these cases, extraction becomes the only option.
  • A tooth sometimes simply cannot be restored, possibly suffering too much damage through injury or decay.
  • Multiple teeth needing extensive treatment: Sometimes, in these cases, we will recommend removal and either tooth implants or dentures.
  • By removing the tooth or teeth affected, we can pave the way towards replacing teeth with dental implants. Dental implants replace the root of the tooth with a titanium post, on which a false tooth is placed. Dental implants are securely rooted due to the posts and maintain a natural look that you will love.

What to expect:

We treat each patient as an individual. When you make an appointment for an initial consultation, we will take the time to sit with you and go through all your options. We are committed to ensuring you receive the highest level of care. Please do not suffer any longer with teeth causing you mental and physical discomfort. Give us a call today! 248-365-7737.

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