Natural restoration of smiles with neuromuscular dentures in Waterford Twp, MI

Your mouth is more than just a set of teeth, it’s a complex system of integrated parts including muscles, joints, soft tissue, and teeth. When it comes to restorations, there’s nothing worse than a set of improperly fitting dentures. Neuromuscular dentistry considers your mouth and how it works, creating solutions that help the entire dynamic, not just the teeth. When it comes to replacing teeth, neuromuscular dentures are customized to the mouth to help build the bite, optimize muscle function and restore the aesthetics of the smile. At Metropolitan Dental Center in Waterford Twp, MI, we don’t just replace teeth, we utilize dentures that replace the entire tooth function in relation to the oral system.

What are neuromuscular dentures?

Before we discuss what neuromuscular dentures are, let’s discuss what they aren’t:

  • Neuromuscular dentures aren’t just a replacement for missing teeth
  • Neuromuscular dentures aren’t just meant to look attractive
  • Neuromuscular dentures aren’t meant to just be a passive part of the digestive system

Instead, neuromuscular dentures are designed to support the healthy position and functionality of the jaw. They will lend support to the cheeks to maintain a natural, youthful-looking appearance, and they are also designed to fit properly while in an active state of motion as you perform typical oral functions such as biting, chewing, and speaking.

Simply put: neuromuscular dentures are designed to mimic the look, feel, and function of natural teeth.

Fitting neuromuscular dentures

The entire process of fitting a patient for neuromuscular dentures is much different from traditional dentures. The first step is to relax the muscles of the jaw with electric nerve stimulation, which allows us to accurately measure for the dentures without the overcompensation that may occur due to previous ill-fitting dentures. The entire goal is to get you back to as close to your natural bite as possible.

The next step is to measure the activity of your muscles. This means that we are trying to closely measure your dentures to the natural, relaxed resting position of your bite.

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Last, we’ll stimulate the muscles during the impression process. This gives us a clear picture of how the muscles react when in motion and the impact they could have on movement of the dentures.

In the end, our goal is to fabricate custom dentures that remain in place and comfortable, both at rest and in motion.

Benefits of neuromuscular dentures:

  • Better fit and appearance – Dynamic impression process allows us to ensure the best fit possible.
  • More comfortable to wear – Traditional dentures often feel like foreign objects that never quite fit right. Biting often seems like a difficult task. Neuromuscular dentures will be the right fit for your mouth, so they are comfortable.
  • Less risk of TMJ – Improperly fitting jaws can lead to overcompensation of the jaw muscles, ultimately causing jaw pain, neck pain, and headaches. When dentures fit correctly, the jaw muscles can work as they normally do.

Why it’s important to replace missing teeth

Image of a matured woman after applying denture

Whether or not you opt for neuromuscular dentures, we want to take a moment to discuss the importance of replacing missing teeth.

  • Speech – Missing teeth can have an impact on the way you speak, which can affect you both professionally and personally.
  • Bite Changes – With gaps in the smile, there can be a redistribution of bite pressure on the teeth, causing remaining teeth to shift out of place.
  • Gum Disease – When this occurs it can alter the alignment of the bite and increase the risk of plaque accumulation in hard to reach places. When this happens, it increases the risk of advanced gum disease and additional tooth loss.
  • Bone loss – The tooth and root in the jawbone, stimulate it to keep it regenerating. When that tooth and root are gone, the bone will begin to deteriorate.
  • Appearance – Visible gaps in the smile are a major source of embarrassment for many individuals who are missing teeth.

At Metropolitan Dental Centers, we focus on improving smiles and lives through neuromuscular dentistry. Replacement teeth with neuromuscular design has many benefits, including giving individuals back the ability to smile comfortably and eat normally. If you are in the Waterford Twp, MI area and would like to learn more about neuromuscular dentures, please call us at (248) 365-7737.


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