Dental care prevents cosmetic concerns; treatments in Waterford Twp MI improve the appearance of your smile

Cosmetic Dental Care Waterford Twp MI area

The American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute reports one of every four people avoid smiling due to the condition of their mouth and teeth. Cosmetic dental care in Waterford Twp MI at the Metropolitan Dental Center prevents the oral health conditions that make your smile look less than its beautiful best. If you’re unhappy about the present state of your mouth, we can get you smiling again with restorations that look just like natural teeth.

The beauty of prevention

Many of the same oral health conditions that cause toothaches and uncomfortable chewing also detract from the look of your smile. For example, cavities are associated with tooth sensitivity and discomfort when chewing food. Tooth decay may present as discoloration or brown spots or pits on your teeth. Problems with how your upper and lower teeth come together when you bite down are characterized by gaps, crowding, and other spacing issues. Enamel erosion can cause chips and stains. Metropolitan Dental Center and its in-house Metro Imaging Center encourage preventing these issues with effective home care and professional services recommended by your dentist.

You benefit from the knowledgeable guidance and skill of our in-house specialists, as well as advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. Since all of these skills and technologies are available under one roof, the experience of maintaining or restoring a beautiful and healthy smile is pleasant, convenient, and hassle-free!

The beauty of cosmetic restorations

Resolving conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay boost your quality of life, oral health, and overall wellbeing because so many medical conditions are linked to dental diseases. Your mouth affects or is affected by other organs and body parts. Since one’s appearance directly affects his or her self-esteem, improving the look of the teeth and gums enhances confidence.

Metropolitan Dental Center’s professional team rebuilds an entire tooth as nature intended – no more, no less. Porcelain veneers, for instance, shouldn’t look like you’ve had dental work done. They shouldn’t jut out or appear fake. The process of designing your improved smile is painstaking; no detail is overlooked. Likewise, your dentist or specialist uses quality materials for an attractive smile that lasts. It should also be noted that elective treatments, such as professional home whitening trays, are only suitable for patients whose mouths are healthy – free of active decay or disease. In addition to these cosmetic options, Metropolitan Dental Center also offers:

  • Fillings that are tooth-colored – Made from composite resin, these fillings are a natural-looking alternative to amalgam or metal fillings that appear silver or darker than the surrounding teeth.
  • Ceramic crowns – Over time, metals can peek through the rebuilt tooth – resulting in a gray or silver line at the gumline. Quality dental ceramics help to retain a lasting, natural appearance, while proactive care prevents changes to gum tissue that can affect the look of your restoration over time.
  • Cosmetic teeth-straightening – You wear the “braces” – they don’t wear you! Transparent aligner trays or clear brackets and wires allow you to achieve the smile of your dreams, without anyone noticing your orthodontic appliance.

Metropolitan Dental Center welcomes big cosmetic cases and smile makeovers, and also has lifelike options for tooth replacement such as implant-retained bridges and dentures.


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