Professional teeth whitening with Auburn Hills, MI area dentists will give you a better smile!

Auburn Hills Teeth Whitening Will Give You a Better Smile in Auburn Hills area

Patients near the area of Auburn Hills, MI are often interested in enhancing their smile. They may want to work with a cosmetic dentist in the community at Metropolitan Dental Center to discuss the benefits of professional teeth whitening. This procedure will give you a brighter, better smile in no time at all!

Why professional teeth whitening?

Many patients may want to know the difference between the over-the-counter whitening products available at their local drugstore and our professional treatments. While there are strips, trays, and whitening pens available over-the-counter, many of these are not strong enough to provide noticeable results. Additionally, many dental practices in the Auburn Hills community and surrounding areas, including Clarkston and Davisburg, offer what is known as “in-office whitening.” This procedure provides same day results. However, at the same time, many patients have trouble with this type of treatment because it can cause unwanted tooth sensitivity. Natural tooth enamel is porous and can be susceptible to sensitivity when using professional in-office whitening products because of their strength. This is why many of our patients turn to the team at Metropolitan Dental Center to discuss the take-home whitening systems available.

Our practice focuses on providing specialized tray systems for home use. These trays are custom-made for our patients based off of impressions of their dental arches. These trays are given to patients along with a supply of professional strength whitening gel. At home at a convenient time to the patient, a small amount of the gel is placed into the trays and then worn by the patient over the dental arch. The amount of time that the tray is worn with the whitening product will vary depending on the results the patient wants to achieve. Some patients wear the trays overnight, while others use them for an hour or two during the evening in the privacy of their own home. With proper instruction by the dentist, patients can typically avoid issues such as sensitivity when using their trays, making it easier and more effective.

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What is the benefit of professional at-home whitening kits?

Our kits are:

  • Custom-made for proper fit and function of the trays
  • Made with professional whitening products that are stronger than over-the-counter treatments
  • Easy to use at home to achieve the results desired
  • Affordable, ensuring everyone has access to solutions for their smiles
  • Effective at addressing long-term and short-term stains and discoloration

Who is a candidate for professional whitening?

Understanding the way tooth whitening works will help patients better determine if they are appropriate candidates. The bleaching gel can address the natural enamel of the tooth, but cannot address staining or discoloration that may have occurred to dental restorations such as veneers, crowns, or bridges. When tooth whitening gel is used, the surrounding natural teeth will become whiter but the restoration will not. Therefore, patients with restorations may want to speak to their dentist about the idea of possibly replacing them if they are serious about enhancing their smile with teeth whitening. Otherwise, this treatment may not be recommended for these specific individuals.

How to obtain professional whitening

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At the Metropolitan Dental Center, our professionals are here to help you get started with your teeth whitening journey! After patients have been deemed appropriate candidates for professional whitening, they can move forward with having dental impressions taken. These are used to create the trays that will ensure a custom fit. Patients then receive their teeth whitening gels along with their trays and can reach out to our dental facility any time they need more gel to keep their smile bright.

Why not in-office whitening?

While in-office power whitening is a popular choice for many, it may not be best for individuals who already have sensitive teeth, as these products can cause discomfort. This is because the whitening product is extremely strong and concentrated, which can wear off more of the enamel than is appropriate. In-office whitening is not available in our facility because of these concerns. At Metropolitan Dental Center, we want to ensure our patients invest in the healthiest treatments for their smiles.

Book your visit with our team today!

At Metropolitan Dental Center, our patients love having the ability to achieve a brighter, more beautiful smile with the use of professional whitening solutions. If you are interested in learning more, we encourage you to book a consultation appointment with our professionals by calling (248) 365-7737 and visiting the office at 4664 West Walton Boulevard in Waterford Twp, MI.

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